Thursday, June 12, 2008

Make the maximum from a Skype IN account

Using Skype IN -

The Skype In number alone costs $60 per annum.
If you buy it as part of a package with Skype Pro, you will pay $36 for skype Pro + $24 for Skype In number.

Now, how to get it even cheaper.

A little planning is needed to get the maximum worth of your money with skype.

Buy a Skype Pro account for $36 for one year.
Now you are given a credit of $12 as talk time. They also call it Skype credit. This credit can be used as cash to purchase most services on skype.
Ask a friend to use his her skype account to send you paypal money of $12.

Pay him/her back by any means that you like or even using the same paypal service available with skype.

Now you have 12+12 dollars in your account. And you can buy a Skype In number with these $24.

So, one year of unlimited calling + Skype In number + more services cost you just $36 + $12 = $48.

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