Monday, June 23, 2008

My favorite firefox Addons

My favorite firefox plugins

Download Them All

Users of DAP (Download Accelerator Plus) will find this quite useful. It helps download huge files in upto 10 chunks maximizing your available bandwidth usage.


Ever thought that you had the ability to just store a block of paragraph from a webpage. Well, here is the addon that lets you to copy scraps out of webpage and lets you organize them in a hierarchical structure.

Ad Block Plus

Want to get rid of the annoying ads filling up the web page.


An integrated FTP solution. It becomes slower if there are thousands of files in the directory that you are trying to traverse.

Fox Clocks

Working in an office spread over several timezones. This tool can help you track times in all part of the world in the status bar of your browser.

Tab Splitter (Experimental)

Amazon Price Drop tracker (Experimental)


Aabha said...

Hey Ankit, you might want to try some of this add-on as well...

FLashblock []

DollartoRupee []

Anonymous said...

The DollartoRupee is my favorite

Ankit Jain said...

Thanks Aabha,

But the dollartoRupee isnt compatible with the latest version of FF. I am using version 3.